Homes designed by our practice are more than just a build project to our team.

They are a living space designed and crafted to provide a better life for you and your family.

Whether you are at the very early stages of a project and information gathering or at a more advanced stage we have created a range of tailor-made services to make your build journey both successful and enjoyable.

Home Consultations

Maintaining control of your build project as early as possible is a crucial factor for any homeowner. Our design consultations allow you to control as many of the variables with a visit from a local architect to your home. This service is a great pay-as you go option for those at pre-purchase stage of buying a home or  considering an extension or renovation. We visit your home for up to 2 hours to survey and measure, sit with you to discuss your needs and wants, realizing the possibilities by sketching an option on the day. You will also be advised on approximate cost, design implications and planning.

New Build

Undertaking to build a new home is an exciting prospect, but one which needs careful due diligence and appraisal from budget, design and planning to ensure that what you need and want is considered. For most clients, a new home is a major life event with years of saving and planning already invested before they begin the process. We understand this human dynamic and the need to engage each and every client as a valued team member, educating them in the process to make the best decisions for their home now and in the future. We bring the collaborative team together; all of our professional services are carefully vetted, and we manage from the first design meeting to visualisations, planning, tendering, on-site management through to signing off for certification and bank draw-down. We do this using advanced project management software that is user friendly and available 24/7 during the process linking the builder, architect and client from anywhere in the world.

Extensions and Renovations

Making the decision to extend or renovate your home is one often thought out over time spent moving furniture and changing layouts in a bid to gain more space. When you have exhausted all other options, engaging an architect to help with future-proofing or maximizing the existing space allows you to re-imagine your home and get everything from the design, planning if required, sourcing a builder and overseeing the project to handover. We know that for many clients, moving out of your home during the build may not be possible, so our project management tools ensure that you are part of the scheduling process and aware of all work carried out throughout the project with one point of contact from start to finish.