Understanding your design brief

We like to understand a clients design preferences and aesthetic ambitions for their new home. We also know from research that one in four of us will interpret a design style differently and that our emotions are what guide our design brief; collected from different homes, travel experiences and lives lived.

When we partner with a client on their home journey we need to understand how they interpret differing design styles so that we can give you the best design approach; one that will work for now and the future. The below editable pdf forms are separated according to rooms, house types and design presentation preferences.

This design questionnaire is unique to our practice and has been designed by Karen as part of a Thesis to understand how architects can gather a more comprehensive brief; one that gathers a clients design motivation which govern their design preferences. Concluding research has shown that it is the client that holds the design brief and it is the architects skill to unlock and interpret as drawings using tools such as our design questionnaire.

Form Steps:

1. Click and open the relevant pdf form below

2. Make your selections by ticking the boxes and comment forms

3. Save the form to your computer

4. Email the form(s) to info@dmgarchitects.ie