Customer Experience

Our practice sets itself apart from others as we expand our offering to augment the customer experience during a build project. When Karen joined the practice in 2016 she quickly realized that the Voice of the Customer needed to be heard in a more comprehensive and proactive manner. This began her journey to studying a Masters in Business specialising in Lean Enterprise Excellence, in which she expects to graduate in October of this year. Karen’s work prior to architecture saw her work as a coach supporting mid to senior level professionals through career development. She realizes the importance of communication and supporting clients as they make some of the biggest life decisions in their homes or workplace. Having completed due diligence on a number of projects in the practice we realized that email just wasn’t an acceptable means of communication with clients and we needed a more responsive way to keep clients abreast of their projects from a time, information and budget perspective.

Voice of the Customer

As a client you want to be involved at every step of your renovation or build project and be an active part of the conversation. We know that communication is one of the most important aspects of any project giving peace of mind and confidence that irrespective of how big or small your query is, it is answered on time and given the full due diligence. Our project tool replaces email and means that you can track your project from your phone, laptop or tablet from anywhere in the world in real time with your architect and builder.

Architectural Journey

We see all stages of your architectural journey as collaborative and we want to ensure that you are part of the conversation from start to finish. Clients tell us that they struggle to keep up with emails and especially when they are many variables to your project.

From review of designs to final planning drawings for your approval to sharing information at the build stage we know that poor communication can cause budgets to increase and relationships to become strained. We understand that when you are not the architect you are often unsure of certain steps and processes so our tool provides you with easy to follow manuals and advice at every stage.

Adding Value

We are all about adding value and eliminating costly time spent on non-value work and pride ourselves as being both the coach to you the client and also an educator that will allow you to both enjoy the process and learn.

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