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Homes and workplaces designed by our practice are more than just a build project to our team. They are a living space designed and crafted to provide a better life for you, your family and work colleagues

Design for the Way you Live

Whether you are at the very early stages of a project and information gathering or at a more advanced stage we have created a range of tailor-made architectural services to make your build journey both successful and enjoyable. We are passionate that good communication is at the core of everything that we do; and we have been on a journey of continuous improvement within our practice to become more efficient and streamlined. The added value generated is now being passed down in the form of both time and fee savings to customers and we have embraced 3d technology and project management tools that bring the practice of architecture and design direct to the customer in the form of easy to view and use documents and visual aids.

One of the more unique aspects of our architectural services is the addition of detailed client questionnaires to understand and uncover our client’s eye for what they like and are influenced by. Our customers tell us that they feel listened to and we get to spend quality time with them exploring their design ideas and new spaces when we do visit their homes (without having to ask a million questions) coaching to make the best choices.

Planning and Regulations

When it comes to planning and regulations we have developed a customer-oriented offering that gives anyone looking for a planning quote a 24-hour turnaround via It was designed to offer a faster, more accessible service and all quotes are verified by a registered architect. We take your project through the tendering stage in collaboration with our team and as a practice accredited by RIAI, we can offer full BCAR Certification and issue of building contracts, payment certificates and Practical Completion Certificates. So, whether you are dreaming of more space, need better designed space for health reasons or have purchased a new home and want to make it yours we look forward to starting the conversation.