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Designing buildings that work for the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit is at the heart of what we do and our track record of working across diverse sectors means that we have gained experience and reflective practice to deliver innovative and efficient design that makes people, our planet and financials healthier. 

With the commercial services division led by our senior practice Architect Ronan from an architectural perspective, the arrival of co-Director Karen who has worked in a diverse HR capacity for over 15 years to the practice sees a vigorous focus on social interaction and human dynamic in the workplace. Karen’s contribution to the design process comes in the form of her recently acquired Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Masters and she hopes to expand the design dialogue to join the commercial conversation.

Good Design Balance

The balance of good design is brought through regulation, compliance and efficiency and the introduction of a major new workflow system within the practice to amplify and add value for clients. With the practice investing in BIM, a solution that allows for a collaborative process of designing, constructing and managing the project from inception to operation we are already seeing the benefit of augmenting human intelligence with software to increase efficiency and eliminate waste.

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