Planning a New Build Consultation

Planning a new build is all about new beginnings and for many, culminating in years of saving and planning before the process gets underway from a design and planning perspective. However, exciting as it may be, it also needs careful due diligence and appraisal from budget, design and planning which a new build consultation can provide to ensure that all your hopes and dreams, needs and wants are considered.

This 2 hour new build consultation offers a site review in terms of suitability for your design intent, planning and budget. We help you to understand what is needed to make your build a successful one and we follow up with a pre-planning application to the local Council on your behalf.

Understanding the Planning Design Guidelines and site suitability from an orientation, contextual and design perspective gives a first time builder the confidence to move forward with their dream home. This consultation also includes a pre-planning application to ascertain planning guideline clarity.

This allows you to control the variables and whether you are at offer stage, have recently purchased a site or are gifted a site we can guide you through it all comprehensively.

Price for a 2 hour Consultation – €595

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